20 Healthy Snack Ideas Under 100 Calories Each

Keven Jasey August 28, 2018 Comments Off on 20 Healthy Snack Ideas Under 100 Calories Each

Snacking is an integral part of nutrition, but when you are not careful, the calories out of your daily snacks can also add up fast.

Still, your metabolic process works best when given a stream of small, nutritious meals during the day. You are able to stay trim and healthy with the addition of these low-calorie snacks for your diet:

Snack 1: Steamed Eggs

Eggs pack a lot of vitamins right into a convenient 70-calorie package. Boil them for any portable, high-protein snack that will not make you hungry.

Snack 2: Cheese Sticks

Low-fat string cheese is really a lunchbox favorite. It’s tasty, fun to consume, and provides a dose of protein and Vitamin D. Search for cheese sticks which contain 80 calories or fewer.

Snack 3: Fat-Free Pudding

The calcium in pudding might help the body burn off fat faster. Fat-free pudding cups clock in at 60 to 70 calories each, assisting you suit your sweet tooth with no guilt.

Snack 4: Jello Cups with Free Of Fat Whipped Topping

Sugar-free Jello keeps you hydrated and provides you instant fruity flavor for practically no calories whatsoever. Add fat-free whipped topping for any more decadent dessert under 100 calories.

Snack 5: Fruit Cups

Fruit is really a dieter’s friend since it tastes good, contains water and fiber, and it has a minimal calorie count. Fruit cups are simple to take with you anywhere you go, and contain typically 95 calories each.

Snack 6: Hummus & Veggies

3 tablespoons hummus costs only 80 calories. Locate a flavored variety, like sweet red pepper or garlic clove hummus, and add raw broccoli and carrot sticks for any crunchy, high-fiber snack.

Snack 7: Baked Pita Chips & Salsa

Baked wheat grains pita chips can definitely suit your crunch cravings. Search for chips which contain 90 calories per serving, and add two tablespoons of salsa for any tasty 100 calorie treat.

Snack 8: Fat-Free Yogurt

Yogurt comes in a number of flavors and possesses healthy bacteria that keeps your digestive tract running at peak performance. Grab a fat-free flavor with active cultures of L. acidophilus.

Snack 9: Apples & Caramel Dip

Nutrient-dense apples help improve your fiber intake. Slice up one-half apple and dip it in fat-free caramel dip for any healthy dose of crunchy sweetness.

Snack 10: Cottage Type Cheese & Cucumber

Full of fat-free protein, cottage type cheese constitutes a great publish-breakfast snack which will help you stay energized until lunchtime. Serve up with sliced cucumber for added fiber.

Snack 11: Bell Pepper & Ranch Dressing

Bell pepper slices make fun, colorful finger foods. Dip them see how to avoid ranch dressing to include savory flavor.

Snack 12: Grain Cakes with Peanut Butter

Small grain cakes are crunchy and occasional in calories. Spread a teaspoon of peanut butter them over to include heart-healthy fat and hunger-busting protein.

Snack 13: Baked Potato

One small baked potato contains only 80 calories. Top it with salsa and fat-free sour cream for many guilt-free flavor.

Snack 14: S’Mores

Place a virtuous spin about this camping classic: Take 2 low-fat graham crackers and employ these to sandwich a toasted jumbo marshmallow drizzled with fat-free chocolate syrup.

Snack 15: Nuts

A number of nuts (10 cashews or 15 natural almonds) pack protein, fiber, and unsaturated fat into a tiny bit of calories. If that is not a good enough snack, to nibble on 25 pistachios for 100 calories.

Snack 16: Plain Popcorn

Air-sprang popcorn weighs about about 30 calories per cup. If you like buttery flavor, buy pre-portioned 100-calorie packs.

Snack 17: Wheat Grains British Muffin & Jelly

Wheat grains British muffins will not lift up your bloodstream sugar as quickly as individuals produced from white-colored flour. Top all of them with sugar-free jelly and a few trans-free of fat margarine.

Snack 18: Lunch Meat Lettuce Wraps

You’ll have a whole sandwich for less than 100 calories, should you substitute lettuce leaves for bread. Summary fat-free poultry or pork inside a large lettuce leaf. Incorperate your favorite veggies and mustard to really make it more filling.

Snack 19: Soup

You’ll find lots of adding nourishment to soups for less than 100 calories an amount. Search for obvious, broth-based soups that contains vegetables and occasional-fat meat.

Snack 20: Crispbread and Cheese Wedges

Crispbread crackers, like Wasa Wholegrain, go great with soft, spreadable cheese. Each cracker costs only 40 calories, while cheese wedges like Laughing Cow Light contain about 35 calories each.

With all of this variety, it’s simpler than ever before to include healthy snacks to your daily diet.

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