A Good Way to create Vegetable Manchurian

Keven Jasey October 10, 2015 Comments Off on A Good Way to create Vegetable Manchurian
A Good Way to create Vegetable Manchurian

A normal weekend treat in my kids, vegetable Manchurian is good and filling simultaneously. Though a little time intensive and laborious, but without a doubt may be worth an attempt. The vegetable balls may also be steamed and put into the gravy to prevent excess oil, the actual taste is incorporated in the fried version. Because the website is for individuals quality recipes that taste scores greater compared to nutrition, I’ll opt for the 2nd option.


1 cup grated celery

1 cup grated cabbage

1/2 cup diced french beans 1 tablespoons of spring onion (optional)

1 onion sliced

1/2 cup cornflour/maida

3 pearls of garlic clove

4 teaspoon soy products sauce

2 teaspoon vinegar

2 eco-friendly chillies diced

2 teaspoon cornflour

salt as preferred

oil for deep baking


Have a large bowl and blend all of the veggies, salt and add cornflour or maida inside it. Bind the elements together without adding water. Make small lemon size balls and aside.

Warmth oil inside a wok and fry the prepared vegetable balls a couple of at any given time till they become golden brown in colour. Remove the balls and on the tissue paper to allow the surplus oil drain.

Take another wok and add 3 tsps. of oil, add diced garlic clove and onion inside it and fry till onion become translucent in colour. Mix 4 teaspoon of soy products sauce, 2 teaspoon of vinegar and a pair of teaspoon of cornflour inside a glass water. Pour this water within the wok with garlic clove and onion. Allow it to simmer up until the gravy become thick, remove from fire and allow it to awesome. Add some fried Manchurian balls right before serving, else the balls will soak all of the gravy.

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