Asparagus Soup Together With Your Immersion Blender

Keven Jasey October 10, 2015 Comments Off on Asparagus Soup Together With Your Immersion Blender
Asparagus Soup Together With Your Immersion Blender

Making velvety-smooth sauces is most likely typically the most popular utilisation of the immersion blender among customers and professional chefs alike. Indeed, it just is sensible, since who would like to transfer a boiling pot of soup right into a counter blender or have to hold back until it cools? An immersion blender not just enables for soup to become pureed while hot, and easily within the same pot it’s cooked, but additionally eliminates the majority of the tedium connected with cleanup too.

From the nearly infinite kinds of soup you may make, one classic is asparagus soup – that is best offered very smooth. This is a simple recipe which will impress the most finicky family and buddies.

What You Will Need:

1 1 / 2 pounds of fresh asparagus (using the lower, ” floating ” fibrous finishes of warrior spears stop)

one tablespoon of unsalted butter

one large garlic clove clove (peeled and crushed)

two oz . of peeled shallots

three oz . of diced & peeled potato (red-colored or yellow variety work nicely)

one fourth cup of whitened wine (a dry wines are best)

a heaping tablespoon of chopped fresh tulsi (or 1.4 teaspoon of dried)

1 1 / 2 glasses of chicken broth/stock

75 % of the teaspoon of ocean salt or kosher salt

one fourth teaspoon of pepper (fresh ground is better)

one fourth cup of heavy cream (or half & half for any lighter consistency)


Melt the butter inside a sauce pan, add garlic clove and shallots and saute over low warmth, fostering to not brown. Separate tips from asparagus and cut all warrior spears into half-inch pieces. Once shallots soften, add some asparagus pieces and diced potato, prepare for around 5-7 minutes, or until asparagus softens slightly. Now add some whitened wine, increase temperature until boil after which reduce, ongoing before the wine has largely evaporated.

Take chicken stock, increase the mixture and produce to some boil. Once boiling is arrived at, change to simmer and prepare on really low temperature for roughly 15-25 minutes, or before the veggies become very soft. Add tulsi. Now immerse the blender and hold toward bottom of cooking pot, begin gradually and employ up and lower motion, growing speed once elements begin mixing. Continue mixing for an additional 40-a minute until smooth. Add salt, pepper and high cream and blend lightly for ten seconds.

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