Easy Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Smart Upgrade

Keven Jasey September 28, 2017 Comments Off on Easy Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Smart Upgrade
Easy Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Smart Upgrade

If you have been thinking of giving your kitchen an upgrade and you love technology, then you will want to know more about smart appliances.

In short, smart appliances are regular kitchen appliances, such as your toaster or oven, which are connected to either just your home router or your home’s internet connection and allow for a myriad of controls and options. Keep reading to find out more.

Roaster/Slow Cooker

The beauty of a slow cooker or a roaster is that you can turn it on in the morning as you leave for work and assume that it will do its job during the day, with a meal ready for you and your family to enjoy when you all arrive home.

However, do you ever really KNOW if the food is cooking correctly?

Enter the world of connected slow-cookers. Performing all of the functions of a high-end slow-cooker, these appliances also connect to your home’s network and the internet, giving you the ability to not only include their use in any programmed scenarios you have in your home using automation software, but you can also monitor the status of the appliance from the internet, such as your workplace.

Throw It Away and Replace

It’s strange behavior, but it’s behavior each of us exhibits. We throw out the milk carton or the cereal box and don’t put the item on the shopping list to make sure it’s replenished?! While there is little that can be done to help you change your habits, there is a kitchen appliance which is here to work with you.

Smart trash cans allow for you to scan the barcode of any item you are throwing away, with the trash can either adding it to a shopping list or creating an automatic order. Whichever your configuration commands.

Cooking With the TV Just Got Easier

Heat the pan to a perfect 220. Make sure the meat is cooked all the way through. Turn it over at the exact moment in the cooking process. These are all instructions which a television personality Chef has given to you in an attempt to help you cook the dishes along with them.

But how can you really know what temperature your frying pan is or if the steak is ready to be turned over? Technology, that’s how! Smart pots and pans allow for these very functions, connecting to your smartphone to provide you with detailed information not only about the temperature, but also the condition of the food you are cooking, and how well cooked it is, with alerts to remind you to turn it over at the right moment.

The Perfect Match

Of course, cooking along with the TV is only convenient if you can see it from your kitchen. Smart TVs are quickly becoming mainstream, with one of their main benefits being the inclusion of a touchscreen on the front of the device. This means that you can use your refrigerator to check sports scores, browse the Groupon Coupons page for American Apparel or, indeed, watch a cooking show while you follow along.

Even if you don’t have the large budget to afford a complete smart-home remodel doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy many of the benefits an upgrade would bring.

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