Getting your BBQ on – Party Style!

Keven Jasey September 24, 2016 Comments Off on Getting your BBQ on – Party Style!
Getting your BBQ on – Party Style!

As we move solidly into Fall, I can’t help but think back to all of the summer things that I’m going to miss. Swimming in the pool, going to baseball games, getting to travel all over the country and visit family and friends; as always this summer went by far too quickly. If you’re like me, then you’re looking for a way to retain the spirit of summer as we head into the winter months. How do you do it? For me, the one thing that always gets me out of my fall blues is good, old-fashioned BBQ.

Being from a southern family, Barbeque has always been what you eat when you’re having fun with a group of family or friends. You get to crack open a few beers, stand around the grill talking to the grillmaster, let the kids run around the yard, and most importantly, eat really great food. One of my favorite parts about barbeque is that you don’t have to worry too much about scaling it up for bigger crowds. A couple more people showed up to have some fun? No problem, just throw some more corn on the grill and grab yourself a plate. I have never been to a barbeque where someone went hungry. Plus, now with the prevalence of wholesale stores like BJs and Sam’s Club, ordering big can save you money!

We’ve all had those moments when you have a last minute party come up and you’re too pressed for time to organize and prepare a menu for the guests. In that case, instead of ordering sandwiches for the group (to me they’re always bland and the bread inevitably is super soppy before you get a chance to enjoy the meal) try catering a barbeque meal! If that board meeting runs late, don’t worry! That just means that the pork and brisket got an extra half hour to marinate in those delicious spices and sauces. There are even full service catering groups that will bring a grill to your location and put on a show while you and your guests enjoy the fruits of their labor!


An excellent example of a top-notch BBQ catering company is Goode Catering Company in Houston, Texas. These guys do it all- breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a full service bar! They also don’t just offer BBQ Catering, you can choose from Tex-Mex, fajitas, seafood, prime rib, steak, desserts, and more! They’ve been in business since 1977, so you know that they’ve had time to test, improve, and polish all of their cooking, serving, and catering skills! Plus, if you don’t have enough space in your backyard for the shindig of your dreams, they work with locations all over the Houston and Galveston areas to make sure that you get your mouth-watering barbeque fix no matter where your adventures take you. So, whether you’re trying to impress the boss at the office, or if you don’t want to spend outrageous amount of money on the reception dinner, try getting your catering done Texas-style, with BBQ!

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