How To Cook The Most Delicious Yet Nutritious Food Using Sous Vide?

Keven Jasey July 7, 2016 Comments Off on How To Cook The Most Delicious Yet Nutritious Food Using Sous Vide?
How To Cook The Most Delicious Yet Nutritious Food Using Sous Vide?

Sous-vide is all set to become the everyday method of preparing food, with changing lifestyles, it brings nutritious and fresh food every time to the table. The Sous vide cooking technique effortlessly helps in the preparation of tender steak, meat, chicken, and seafood.

However, using this method you will find the preparation of gourmet dishes simpler. Here are many other preparations, which use this special cooking technique.

  • Crème Fraiche

Using the Sous vide technique, one can prepare Crème Fraiche under controlled temperatures. Crème fraîche is a thicker, less viscous, sour cream that adds a tangy flavor to food. It has high-fat content, 10–45% butterfat, and 4.5 pH.

  • Ricotta Cheese

Some foods require controlled temperature to cook properly. Sous-vide technique makes such preparations effortless with the help of the equipment that contains a water bath. Ricotta Cheese, as well as Saffron and Cardamom yogurt are prepared using this technique.

  • Infused Syrups and Alcohol

Sous-vide cooking help intensify the flavors naturally with the help of the gentle heating process at low temperature. You can create your own combination of flavor-infused liquors and syrups and mix them into ice tea, soda or lemonade, or prepare Bacon-infused Bourbon and Limoncello.

Sous vide cooking

  • Stock for Sauces and Soups

One can make use of the self-contained, non-stirred water cushion oven, rather than the immersion circulator to prepare vegetable, chicken, seafood or fish stock for sauces or soups.

  • Bread pudding, Crème Brulee and more

It is easy to prepare Bread Pudding, Crème Brûlée, Cheesecake, or Pot De Crème as all these recipes require immersion in a water cushion, unstirred, at low temperatures, in the oven.

  • Perfect poached eggs

Everyone can prepare boiled eggs; the Sous-vide technique is used to prepare soft poached eggs and you can make many eggs at one time.

  • Custard

The sous-vide technique makes the preparation of Ice Cream Base, Dulce De Leche, Lemon Curd, Custard, as well as Zabaglione easy, instead of using the double boiler technique, without stirring. Moreover, one can cook them unattended overnight, without worrying about curdling or burning.

  • Oatmeal

Prepare Oatmeal with stewed fruit compote overnight using the technique and it will be ready, just in time for breakfast.

  • Vegetable pickle

It is quick and easy to pickle vegetables like green beans, carrot, cauliflower, zucchini or asparagus. The technique does not leave any vinegar odor, lingering in the kitchen.

  • Condiments, Coulis, and Compotes

The Sous-vide technique help to prepare Condiments, Mustard, Salsa, Chutney, and Hollandaise, this intensifies its flavor. You can effortlessly create Fruit Coulis and Compotes.

  • Infused Oil and Vinegar

Prepare gourmet oils and vinegar salads; the Sous-vide technique is precise and gentle on food that helps transfer the flavor of fresh herbs and berries. This technique helps prepare flavored oil for cooking, using dried spices and seasonings.


Sous-vide cooking technique gives food the exact texture and flavor; it is precise and cooks at a low temperature that keeps the proteins undamaged. It is convenient, with consistent results each time with better nutritional value. This technique can be used to prepare several gourmet dishes, so invest in it, to display your culinary skills.

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